This blog is dedicated to all of the lovely lifestyle bloggers out there and the #lbloggers chat that takes place every sunday from 7-8pm UK time. If you would like to host, please take a look at this page. If you have an idea of a topic you'd like to suggest for the weekly chat but don't want to host, please get in touch!


If you've come to this page then you're probably interested in hosting a chat, firstly, thank you for your interest! Secondly, here are a few things you'll need to know/do.

1. Get in touch with us! The quickest way is to send us a quick tweet to @lbloggerschat letting us know that you'd like to host.
2. We'll let you know when the next available spot is and we'll pencil you in!
3. Think of a topic. It must be "lifestyle blogging" related. This basically means anything that can't already be put into the topic of the other chats that take place during the week; #bbloggers, #fbloggers, #psbloggers etc.
4. If we agree that the topic is one that the #lbloggers community will like then you're all set! You have your date, you have your topic, all you need to do now is wait until your hosting week starts
5. You'll need to be ready to start the chat at 7pm on the Sunday. Most #lbloggers are pretty good at getting to the chat dead on 7pm and as it's only an hour long chat, they like to get the conversation going as quickly as possible.
6. It's always good to have three or four questions ready to keep the flow of conversation up.
7. Be prepared to receive a lot of mentions. People tend to reply straight to you while tagging #lbloggers into their reply.

What we'll do.
We'll DM you at the start of your week just reminding you that it's your hosting week.
We'll send out tweets/blog posts letting our followers know that you are hosting and what your topic choice is. 

Fancy hosting? You totally should, the #Lbloggers chat is always a lovely, positive chat with friends!

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